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A Parisian in Geneva
“When I arrived for the first time from Paris in 2008, I imagined that the level of rollerblading would be high in Geneva and the practitioners numerous, says Curtis. But I quickly realized that I was rather an exception ”. The quays and the many squares in the city center offer excellent spaces for the practice of Roller Slalom. The idea of giving lessons came naturally. People were observing his agility and impressive zigzags between the cones and were interested in learning.
“It was when I saw followers in New York that I really clicked. I had started with skateboarding, then BMX, but I was not comfortable. On the other hand, on rollerblades I had a certain ease. ” And as proof, Curtis regularly engages in competition with flying colors. He is the first Swiss among the 1,200 best practitioners in the world ranking. “My next goal is to reach 2,000 members and open a roller skating school. Today, I would never be able to finance the necessary material without the support of the Youth Service. But in the future, I would like to be able to continue to share my passion and make a living from it. ”

Guy Schneider

Find videos of Curtis in action and all the info at:

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